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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dual beam oscilloscopes and dual trace oscilloscopes

An oscilloscope is an instrument used for the measurement, analysis and display operations. Cathode ray oscilloscope makes use of cathode ray tube, a vacuum tube device. A cathode ray tube consists of an electron gun, two pairs of deflection plates, and a phosphor screen. The components of electron gun are heater, oxide coated cathode, anodes and a control grid. Heater heats up cathode and cathode emit electrons. Anode serves the purpose of fine focusing and acceleration of electrons towards screen. A dual beam oscilloscope has two different electron guns producing two separate beams. It also consists of two separate vertical channels and one horizontal time-base unit. Study of two separate waveforms simultaneously is the main purpose of dual beam oscilloscopes. But they are expensive. In dual-trace oscilloscopes, only one electron gun and one set of vertical and horizontal deflection plates exist. But dual trace oscilloscopes are capable of performing all the operations performed by a dual beam oscilloscope. An appropriate switching operation is helping to achieve this multifunction.

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